Panzer Elite Action - Dunes Of War

Panzer Elite Action - Dunes Of War 1.44

Panzer Elite Action- Dunes of War, is a game developed by JoWooD Productions
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JoWooD Productions

Panzer Elite Action - Dunes of War, is a war game developed by JoWooD Productions.
You are going back to the Second War II but in this opportunity you will fight in Africa.
Panzer Elite Action returns with an expansion that focuses on African campaign of World War II. Forget the immense forests of central Europe and confront a much warmer scenario. Like in the first one, you are able to see a video which explains your goal, and the technical issues of your tank.
In this case you will be able to command your tanks and the other side´s too. The final battle is very good with a huge extension and there you can eliminate your enemies.
As the scenario is different you should take care of the storms or the heat of the desert and how it affects your soldiers.
of course that this is a shoot-everything-that-moves gameplay, if you hope something different I´m really sorry.

Graphics and sound
Explosion and smoke effects look great, at least, and some missions have loads of atmosphere, the environment is excellent. The sound is quite impressive as well as the soundtrack.

To sum up, more shoots and war.

María Noel Balla
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